This is my personal site.

This is boilerplate introduction text. I will change this one day.

Things I Do

If I had to be summed up in just a couple of bullet points, I'd start with this list.

  • Enjoys tweaking code
  • Motoring
  • Reading books
  • Does not drink coffee
  • Running
  • Taking Photographs


These are small executables I've written in my spare time to help solve problems and puzzles.
Coded in C# using Visual Studio.

DNS Scraper

This tool uses bruteforce on the Primary DNS to generate a list of a domain's A/CNAME/MX/TXT records. Useful to store a backup of a website's records.
The application can handle local DNS helpers and wildcard records. It includes a built-in list of almost 3000 subdomains to lookup.

Monty Hall Simulator

This application tests the Monty Hall Puzzle (Wikipedia) using the Law of Big Numbers.
You can run multiple passes of the puzzle and manipulate whether the contestant swaps doors.

Wireless Parser

A simple tool that parses the result from
netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid
The result can be saved to CSV for further analysis.

HTML Workshop

A few random HTML experiments
Salt and Sodium Converter - Optimized for mobile
Time for Calm 1080p / Mobile

Where Have I Been?

I've been lucky enough to glimpse at a lot of Western Europe, but I hope to see places futher afield before too long.